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Case Illustrator Preventive Dentistry is divided into 4 main categories namely:

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Teeth Considerations

Tooth Problems

A series of animations in both 2D and 3D demonstrating Attrition, Abrasion, Caries and Erosion. Each animation may be controlled seperately and the 3D animation can be rotated to any desired position while it animates.

Tooth Support Problems

Split into an animation of Gingivitis and an interactive screen for Peridontal disease, these illustrate the process and effects of gum disease. The interactive screen allows the user to change bone, gum and pocket levels while displaying plaque and calculus enabling clear explanations of gum disease.

Teeth Problems

A series of animations focussing on the effects of attrition, abrasion, caries, erosion and plaque on all teeth at the one time.

Teeth Support Problems

Animations demonstrating the effects of calculus, gingivitis, periodontal and mobility on teeth.

Disease Interactions

Shows the dynamics of plaque and the effect of food, time and hereditary has on the disease process.  Select specific eating, hygiene and hereditary settings and watch the resultant animation. Caries, calculus, gingivitis and periodontitis are animated in accordance with the settings made.

Plaque Removal

Plaque Removal is an excellent tool for demonstrating effective toothbrushing technique. This interactive 3D animation allows you to select and watch sites being brushed.

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