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Case Illustrator Total Tooth Replacement is divided into 3 main categories namely:

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Anatomical Considerations

Anatomical Relationships

User interactive demonstrating the various relationships between bone/gum and teeth. Allows the user to move bone/gum segments up or down in segments of single, group or all teeth. The interactive also allows the user to move the mandibular nerve, sinus and nasal cavities accordingly. Smile and rest lines and their different positions may also be viewed.

Effects of Aging

  • Facial Aging - Animation showing how the loss of teeth effect facial aging.
  • Gum Aging - Animation on gum aging.
  • Tooth Wear - Animation showing the effect of tooth wear over time.

Resorption: All Teeth

  • Resorption Pattern - Displays bone resorption in either upper, lower or both regions.
  • Ridge Relationship Variation - Cross sectional view of both the upper and lower jaw.

Resorption: Single Tooth

Animation displaying the loss of a single tooth and the effects of the surrounding gum and bone.

Prosthetic Management

Prosthetic Management is a comprehensive, interactive patient education tool. Designed specifically to demonstrate to the patient all of the prosthetic options that are available. Simply choose treatment for either a single, group or all missing teeth - then interactive demos, surgical photos, xrays and a complete list of considerations are available for your consultation.
Print the considerations of a particular treatment option or print a summary of all the treatment options - the choice is yours!

Implant Management

Temporary Prosthesis

User interactive animation showing the various temporary prosthetic options. Choose from upper or lower jaw, single, group or all missing teeth and the different regions.

Shown to the patient, this component really emphasises the order and progression of each procedure.

Implant Placement

In depth interactive animation tool that allows the clinician to show thousands of different treatment options in a cross-sectional view.

Select the tooth, surgery required, tools used, hit play movie and watch the entire procedure from start to finish!

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