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Esthetic Smile Profiler Movies

1. Introduction Video

A basic overview of Esthetic Smile Profiler. (0.4 Mb)

2. The ESP Screen

Exploring each section of the ESP screen. (2.0 Mb)

3. Using ESP: The import photo screen

Using the dental alignment guide to import, scale and align portrait and intraoral images. (2.9 Mb)

4. Using ESP: The lip outline screen

Creating a lip outline to make a transparent region for 2 imported photos. (1.7 Mb)

5. Using ESP: The reference lines screen

Enables anatomical features to be measured for esthetic analysis and the guidance of virtual prosthesis (2.4 Mb)

6. Using ESP: The measurements screen

Where particular facial measurements are displayed (1.2 Mb)

7. Using ESP: The tooth modify screen

Enables simple manipulation of the image - whiten teeth, flip portion of the image. (1.4 Mb)

8. Using ESP: The prosthetics screen

Enables the creation and refinement of customisable prosthetic crowns. (2.4 Mb)

9. Using ESP: The final screen

Enables the completed prediction to be viewed alongside its pretreatment counterpart. (0.6 Mb)

10. Using ESP: The montage screen

Enables images related to the case to be collected into a single presentation. (1.5 Mb)

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