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Cosmetic Visualisations & Virtual Try-ins in minutes

Creating Virtual Tryins has many benefits; from patient awareness & satisfaction, to extended treatment, to reduced laboratory time and hassle.
ESP takes advantage of the digital revolution making what was once the domain of digital artists accessible to dental practitioners everywhere.

ESP goes beyond the usual cosmetic program, with the ability to combine images, take measurements
and create prostheses on the fly. ESP is the complete cosmetic suite.

  • Use classical aesthetic measurements to form the basis of a cosmetic assessment.
  • Create realistic prosthetic crowns to your patients specifications in minutes with ESP’s Adjustable Digital Crown Technology
  • Demonstrate the most common cosmetic procedures as well as simulate surgical reconstructions such as prosthetics, veneers and gum reconstruction.
  • Pretreatment and prediction comparisons: promotes acceptance of cosmetic procedures in your practice
  • Present data sheets with images and measurement information for your patient, the laboratory and your own records.

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