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Esthetic Smile Profiler is divided into 7 main screen views, namely:

Esthetic Smile Profiler (ESP) is accessed via the Treatments window, allowing the clinician to open specific stages of treatment or create a new treatment to add to the patients' file.

Esthetic Smile Profiler Screens

Import Photo

The first thing to note about the Import Photo screen is the presence of 6 light blue crowns in both image spaces. This is the 'Dental Alignment Guide'. It's used as a visual guide for aligning and scaling photographs. Varying it's visibility maybe necessary with some images; this can be controlled by the slider on the lower right corner of the screen.

Lip Outline

The Lip Outline screen is used to mark the contour of the inner lip. This outline is used by ESP to make this region transparent when 2 photos have been imported. It is also used to provide boundaries for the lip shadows.

Reference Lines

The Reference Lines screen enables the marking of anatomical features for aesthetic analysis and for the guidance in the creation of virtual prostheses. This screen contains three tabs:
  • ESP must be calibrated to enable accurate measurements to be calculated from the reference lines. Calibration is performed by measuring a feature on the patient, entering this distance in millimetres, then positioning the blue calibration line to correspond to the feature measured.

  • The Pretreatment reference lines are used to mark the positions of existing anatomical features. To position a line, select it from the list, then click and drag the line to position.

  • The Prediction reference lines are a second set of lines that can be used to mark predictive or ideal positions. By default they duplicate the positioning of the pretreatment lines until moved into new positions.


The Measurements Screen is where particular facial measurements are displayed. Some measurements are automatically calculated from the reference lines, others are required to be entered manually.

Tooth Modify

The Tooth Modify screen enables simple manipulation of the image, such as;
  • fixing minor blemishes…
  • whitening of teeth…
  • copying and flipping portions of an image…


The Prosthetics screen enables the creation and refinement of customised prosthetic crowns. There are a wide range of options for altering crown attributes to suit the patient.

Final Screen

The Final screen enables the completed prediction to be viewed alongside its pretreatment counterparts; Portrait to portrait, Intra-oral to Intra-oral.

Captions can be added beneath the images for later reference.


Treatments Screen

The Treatments screen is where all patients’ treatments are managed and selected. The clinician may create a new treatment, continue from, open or delete an existing treament.

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