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Welcome to PIB, your patient information brochure library.

PIB can help you convert more patients to Case Acceptance.

PIB clearly presents concepts and facts leaving you free to concentrate on activating the patient's imagination to proceed with treatment.

PIB features include:

  • Improved Case Acceptance

  • Improved Case Presentation that is automatically recorded and encrypted

  • Frees the clinician to have meaningful Patient Interaction

  • Case Activation of your existing patients made easier

  • Increases the patient's understanding of Case Staging

  • Supports informed consent issues

PIB is currently offered in two different modules:

Total Tooth Replacement Module - choose from over 80 patient information pamphlets under the headings of anatomy, prosthetics, implants and associated surgery.

Preventive Dentistry - The concepts and facts of preventive dentistry are presented in over 100 brochures that are easy to locate, demonstrate and print out for the patient. Endorsed by the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH)

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