"I want to let your staff know how great the Implant Manager program has been working for my office. The patients really appreciate the graphics. It helps tremendously with patient understanding and case acceptance"
Dr Steven Sudbrink, Jaw doctor, USA

"I have been using Implant Manager for a few years. It has been a revolutionary tool for explaining the treatment planning and alternatives for my implant patients. With the excellent graphic interface, they can understand why they need a graft, where the donor area will be etc. I use it everyday!"

Jaime Baladron. MD, DMD, PhD, Spain

"In my busy practice I have a constant need for simple, effective and comprehensive record of treatment options that are discussed. These records can be later used to communicate occassionally complicated treatment plans to surgeons, technicians, referring dentists, etc. This need is met by 'Yaltara Implant Manager'. Its main interactive screen can be readily used to duplicate the patients OPG. Even clinicans such as myself with minimal computer skills can quickly manoeurve around the screen and, with a little practice, utilise the 'task bar' to perform a wide range of tasks including remove teeth and bone, place bridgework or implants, graft bone, perform root fillings and so on."

"These are far more easily understood by patients young or old than when just the spoken or written word is used, because it is an interactive and visual situation."

Excerpt taken from Dental Practice Journal March/April 2003 by Dr Rob Aitken

"The Yaltara system provides you with an extraordinary set of patient education tools to enhance the outcomes of communication with your patients by offering them information based in all three perceptual strengths"

"The Yaltara system puts you in control to select a communication pathway that can help you utilise patient contact time more efficiently and effectively for patient and clinician. You'll see a quantifiable difference through the increased treatment plan acceptance of inspired and motivated patients who have learned the value of good oral health"

Excerpts from Australian Dental Magazine - By Joseph Allbuery

"Dear Dr. Hawkesford,
RE: Proposed Implant treatment for missing upper left second premolar
Thank you for your letter of 30th June 2003 describing your proposed treatment for my missing tooth. You describe the implant process so thoroughly, that I now fully understand the treatment and agree that it would be the best long-term solution. I would like to accept your quotation for the implant to be carried out first by yourself and then finished by Dr Linden-Kelly at your surgery. Once again, many thanks to both you and Dr. Linden-Kelly for all your time and attention regarding this treatment, it is great to have everything explained properly! Also, as requested i will stop smoking as of today(!!), so as to give myself the greatest chance of a successful treatment. I look forward to seeing you soon (even though there will be drilling!)"

Letter received from patient after viewing treatment options with Yaltara Manager Series software
Dr Hawkesford, London UK