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Visual Planner is treatment planning with tomorrow’s technology today.

Develop your treatment plan in front of the patient by simply using a computer mouse.

Now even the most complex treatment plans in Oral & Maxillofacial surgery, Periodontics, Endodontics and Prosthetics can be created in minutes.

Your schematic treatment plan can be recorded, animated on screen, printed and burnt onto CD for the patient.

Treatment planning and case presentation has 3 well-defined phases for the clinician:

  • Patient education is made easier with customised schematic images, which recreate the patient’s radiograph and clinical situation.
  • Easily demonstrate dental treatment of crowns, bridges, post and cores, endodontics, dentures, orthodontic and implant treatment with their staging.
  • Create an easy to understand treatment plan in front of the patient.
  • Treatment plan presentations can use screen animations, conventional means or both.
  • Visual Planner totally frees you to activate the patient’s imagination and therefore proceed with treatment.
  • By creating realistic representations of the treatment options and their variations, your patients feel more comfortable, which could activate them to want optimum treatment

Visual Planner provides the facts and concepts unique to your patient. This allows you to inspire them to proceed with optimum treatment

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