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Visual Planner is divided into 4 main screen views, namely:

Visual Planner is accessed via the Treatments window, allowing the clinician to open specific stages of treatment or create a new treatment to add to the patients' file.

Visual Planner allows procedures to be saved as animations which can be saved to a patients' file, to a gallery and/or burnt to a CD to be taken home by the patient.

Visual Planner Screens

Anatomical View

The Anatomical View displays (and allows the user to alter) the major anatomical features of the maxilla and mandibular region. The alveolar ridge contains 32 dental sites with a wide range of contemporary dental and prosthetic treatments available at the click of a mouse. The majority of the work involved in constructing an image is done in this view.

Intraoral View

The Intraoral View displays the mucosal drape and hides the anatomical aspects that are not 'viewable' from a clinical perspective.

The relatively small size of the Intraoral View Toolbar reflects the limited ability to change the image in this view. The main purpose of this view is to display the clinical effect of the changes made in the Anatomical View. However, a number of conditions that are specific to the clinical viewpoint, such as mucosal grafting or gingival disease, can be 'added' in this view.

Facial View

The facial view shows the user how the treatment will appear with the addition of eyes, nose and the lips in the resting or smiling positions.


The Measurements Screen is where particular facial measurements are displayed. Some measurements are automatically calculated from the reference lines, others are required to be entered manually.


Treatments Screen

The Treatments screen is where all patients’ treatments are managed and selected. The clinician may create a new treatment, continue from, open or delete an existing treament.


Animation Gallery

The Visual Planner Recording utility allows the user to record an animation of what was performed in the program at any time.

The gallery contains a number of default animations as well as the ability for the clinician to add their own animations that can be played as desired.

Animation Player

Allows previously saved animations to be played on a stand alone pc (e.g. patients' home computer). The animation may be played at different speeds and fast forwarded or rewound as desired.

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